To the BEST fishing in Alaska!!

What's the most famous fishing stream in Alaska?

The Russian River !!

The most accessible

The most prolific

The most beauty


There are beautiful pictures and stories about this fantastic river (stream). It's named Russian River, but in many places wade-able so I would describe it as a large stream. I labeled it the most famous fishing stream in Alaska because the most famous river is the Kenai River known for the world's largest King Salmon. The Russian River flows into the Kenai river and sports the most famous Red Salmon runs. The Russian is accessible by road (120 miles from Anchorage) and contains a large Federal campground. Parking spaces are also available for twelve hour parking and many Alaskans and visitors drive down for the day and fish when the Reds are running. There are two distinct Red Salmon runs, the first around June 10th and lasting two weeks. The last run begins in mid to late July and runs through August 20th. Regulations allow a catch limit of three per day and three unpreserved in possession. The regulations also require special tackle and hook sizes, so its best to have done it before or enlist help from someone who knows before you put a line in the water. Many of the fishermen on the river are seasoned Russian River specialist and are glad to offer assistance to first timers.

Good Luck !

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