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Who am I?

I'm retired Air Force, lived in Anchorage (Alaska's largest city) for 20 years and have a wonderful wife and two sons. I believe Alaska is the most beautiful of all the states I've been in. I'm originally from Kentucky and have recently returned.  As you will see I have blue blood. If you have any questions or comments, please click here to e-mail me.

Christians in Alaska - Southern Baptist.

What? Southern Baptist in Alaska? You betcha! Want to know where I attended? Click Here

Want to know where I go now? Click Here

Fishermen in Alaska - Salmon.

What's the most famous fishing stream in Alaska? Click Here

See my video of the Eagles! Click Here

Gardeners in Alaska - Land of big cabbages.

But try growing those warm weather plants in Anchorage. Want to know how it is done? Click Here

Family history buff (genealogy) - Is Henry VIII really in my tree?

Are you a relative of mine? Click Here

Go Big Blue ! -- Yes, a Kentucky Wildcat fan.

We enjoy watching and hearing the cats play. Catch all the games on the Internet. Click Here

Reader in Alaska - Great writers in Alaska!

Nothing better than passing those long winter nights by curling up to a cozy fireplace and reading. Here's some hot titles to peruse. Click Here

Alaskan Art Sculptures - Get the real thing!

If I wanted a real Alaskan souvenir, I'd go here.    Click Here   

Real Salsa - Mild or Zingy!

If I wanted real SALSA, I'd go here.    Click Here     

Country Crafts

If I wanted country crafts, I'd go here.    Click Here      

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